Thermodilution Cardiac Output Thermo CO: Version 1

Thermodilution Cardiac Output for Version 1



Thermodilution Cardiac Output for Version 1 


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    Thermodilution Cardiac Output Y-Cable
(supports both bath probe and in-line method)
Thermo CO Y-Cable
Part Number: HW-HEMO-00081 (Formerly: PH-10104)

Price: n/a effective 11/15/13 - this part is no longer available
     Thermodilution Cardiac Output (reference temperature Bath probe)
Thermo CO Temp. Probe
Part Number:  HW-HEMO-00091 (Formerly: PH-10135) (Schiller part# 9850A)
Price: $295.00*
Standard 2 day shipping fees within Continental United States will apply. 
  Braum Dual Therm Thermodulition Cardiac Output Cable
Braum Dual Therm Cable
Part Number:  CB-PH-10227
Price:  N/A - effective 7/15/13 no longer available

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