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Helpful tips for eFilm Workstation

*Important: Click here for important information regarding a recently discovered issue with eFilm 4.1 and previous versions.


CD Burning

Issue: eFilm Lite does not automatically open on the CD when eFilm 3.0 is used to burn the CD.
Resolution: When burning a CD or DVD in eFilm 3.0, you must check the box next to "allow autorun"


Trials and Licensing

Issue: I downloaded eFilm but cannot get past the login screen on the application.
Resolution: Click settings, check the box by bypass user authentication, click ok and use your user name (note this is not your eStore login)

Issue: License is not valid on trial.
Resolution: Contact our licensing staff with your reference key, whether it is a trial or purchased version



Issue: I have eFilm 3.0, how do I activate the hanging protocols and key images?
Resolution: You must have an older Platinum key or a newer eFilm 3.0 key (if downloaded after July 1st). Go to edit/properties, click on visualization services tab, type localhost in the .Net and Web Services field. Then click the 'verify' button next to each of the services.

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