Sample Images


  1. Click on the sample image you want to download from the Sample Images available.
  2. When prompted, select to Save the file.
  3. Select where the file will be saved. The file will be downloaded to this location.
  4. Once the download is complete, double click on the sample file.
  5. Select Unzip.
  6. Open eFilm Workstation.
  7. Select File – Import – Dicom Image(s) from the menu option. You have the option to Remove the files from their original location or you can do this manually after they have been imported.
  8. Select the study folder(s).
  9. Select File – Search from the menu option.
  10. Click on the Search button and the study folders will appear in your Local Exams tab.


Sample Images:

CR (22 mB) | CT (29 mB) | DX (8 mB) | MG (23 mB)
MR (34 mB) | NM (1 mB) | RF (5 mB)
All Modalities (118 mB)